The Story of Banks

In 2007, Village Bank set out to find that perfect mix of loyalty, enthusiasm and good work ethic that a spokesdog would need to promote the Bank and its efforts to become the best in the Richmond area. From nearly 200 dogs who auditioned, Banks was selected not only for her many awards and accolades, but also for her winning personality.

Banks the Dog

"We feel that Banks is the perfect fit for Village Bank. She is not only a spokesdog with an important job to perform, but she's also become part of the family here at the Bank and a friend with many of our customers." said President Tom Winfree.

An eight-year old field golden retriever, Banks is owned and loved by Cindy Briggs, who runs All Dog Adventures in Richmond's North Side. Banks has won many agility competitions and received her MACH (Master Agility Dog Champion) designation in 2009. For more information on All Dog Adventures, visit