Meet our latest addition, PopMoney, the fast way to send or receive money at any time, from anywhere. So quick and easy, you can pay back your best friend for the best burger in town.

And because PopMoney is part of Online Bill Pay, sending money has never been more secure or convenient—just login using your existing online password. The money goes directly from your checking account into their checking account, usually within one business day, regardless of where they bank.

  • No checks, stamps, or cash to pay someone back.
  • No need to wait for checks to cash.
  • No trips to the bank to deposit money.
Already enrolled in Online Bill Pay? Then it's easy to use Popmoney:
  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Click "PopMoney" tab within Online Bill Pay.
  3. Enter the person's e-mail address or mobile phone number and the amount to pay.

It's that simple!