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Fraud & Asset Protection Services

Solutions to protect your major assets. Modern money management.

Check Positive Pay

  • Early detection of encoding errors and fraudulent transactions.
  • Verifies payee, date and dollar amount to your check register.
  • Alerts to notify of exception items or mismatched items.
  • Account reconciliation to improve accounting practices.
  • Easy-to-use web-based system.

ACH Block/Filter

  • Full control of ACH debits – block and/or filter.
  • Set parameters/limits on each transaction.
  • Set pre-authorized companies for automatic payment.
  • Easy-to-use web-based system with flexible administration options.


Control card activity to help prevent fraud or identity theft.

  • Instantly turn your card on or off.
  • Set transaction controls around merchant categories, geographic locations and dollar amount limits.
  • Receive alerts when the card is used.
  • A private security guard in your pocket.

Insurance Services

Insurance protection when you need it, but hoping you don’t.

We partner with Bankers Insurance, a full-service, independent insurance agency located in Richmond. Offering a full variety of protection policies to fit your needs.

  • Property, liability, and business auto.
  • Worker’s compensation – employee benefits.
  • Cyber Security protection.


Village Bank analyzes previous transactions to develop a picture of your likely behavior. Sentinel, our security software, then determines which logins and transactions might be fraudulent as they occur—and stops transactions before they are completed.

For more information about our Cash Management Solutions, email us at or call Irlene Kemp at 804.419.2849 or Barkley Townsend at 804.419.2805.

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