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“Your staff in all of the branches are superb!” ~Mike

“It took me a long time to switch to Village Bank. Now that I have, I have opened many accounts. I couldn’t be happier.” ~Gary

“This is one of the most welcoming banks we have ever worked with. The employees were extremely friendly.” ~Tina

“If the majority of the public ever visited your bank, if would be impossible for you to handle all of the business. Your bank has destroyed the stereotype of the poor banking industry” ~Tim

Your Security is Our Priority at Village Bank

Village Bank is aware of the threat account fraud poses to the safety of our customers’ accounts. To help counter these threats, Village Bank has implemented a powerful tool called Sentinel, a fraud prevention tool that models its actions based on your individual transaction behavior. By combining real-time behavioral analytics with endpoint inspection, Village Bank stops fraudulent transactions before they’re completed. The product will monitor ACH Originations, Wire Transfers and External Transfers for suspicious activity. Learn more

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VBFC Shareholder Information We are publicly traded on NASDAQ under symbol VBFC.