Access your uChoose Rewards today!

Access your uChoose Rewards today!

Combine your debit & credit card points!

Combine your debit & credit card points!

Find out why Village is a leader in SBA lending.

Find out why Village is a leader in SBA lending.


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Business Banking

young woman at work with teamLearn More

Let our business team show you why it’s best to work with a local lender. Problem Solvers. Business Builders. Not just Bankers.

Open an Account Now

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Bank online, on our app, or at a convenient branch nearby. Can’t get to the bank before closing? Open a checking account online right now.

Village Bank Mortgage

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Meet some of the top loan officers in Central Virginia and see how they can help make your dream home a reality.

Apply for a Loan or Credit Card

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Need a personal loan for home improvements, college tuition, or a new car? Whatever your needs, we can help. Apply online now.

Rewards Debit Card

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Our Village Bank Debit MasterCard® is one of our most popular products—rewards, security, and instant issue. Don't leave your rewards on the table. Register your card today.

Village Bank in the Community

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We're not just bankers. We're community builders and we're proud to call Central Virginia our village. Take a look at what we've been up to.